...Use 1/2 tsp in any type omelet. Sprinkle on fried-scrambled or poached eggs during cooking.
*Pasta...Cook pasta such as Angel Hair with 1 tsp Olive oil in water, drain, mix in 1 tsp of Olive oil, 1/2 tsp of Onespice, sprinkle with Garlic salt to taste.  Great side dish! Mix in fresh or canned chopped tomatoes for a taste variety.
*Sprinkle in Green Beans for extra flavor.
*Sprinkle in Mashed potatoes for a zingy taste. Also, try sprinkling powdered cheddar cheese on top of potatoes.
*Sprinkle on Southern fried Potatoes.
*Add 2 tsp to dry Bread mix in bread machine to give you an herb tasting bread.
*Steaks... Pour 1/2 tsp of Olive oil in both hands; rub on steak; sprinkle Onespice (1 tbsp) on both sides. Using steak tenderizer tool, pound several times on each side. Cover and let set for 5 min. Grill as usual.
*Baked Beans...Add 1 tsp to favorite recipe.
*Stir Fry...Sprinkle on about 1/2 tsp in last minutes of cooking.
*Fish... Pour 1/2 tsp of Olive oil in hands and rub on both sides of fish fillet (I like frozen filets best). Sprinkle each side with Onespice (2 tsp) and powdered cheddar cheese. Sauté for 5 min on high, flip and sauté for 10 min on medium.The powdered cheese makes the fish crispy without all that breading.
*Chicken... Prepare same as steaks.
*Hamburger... Mix 2 tsp of Onespice in (1) lb of hamburger...blend well. Grill as usual.
*Crock Pot
…Small Roast-Pork/Beef or Venison. Add onions & carrots, 1 tbsp of Onespice  and 1 tbsp Garlic salt (to taste). Cover with water and cook required time. Do same with Chicken.
*Chili...Add 1 tbsp to your favorite recipe.
*Soup...Add 1 tbsp to your favorite noodle or vegetable soup recipe.
*Beef Stew…Add 2 tsp to pot while cooking. Try cooking your beef stew recipe in a crock pot.
*Meat Loaf...Great recipe on Web site.

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